Getting Started with Timesys LinuxLink

Welcome to LinuxLink! LinuxLink is Timesys’ web portal to a host of services, capabilities, and content. From managing security notifications to accessing Timesys Git Repos, on this page you’ll find links to help you navigate through the site and get you on your way to developing your custom embedded Linux based device. You’ll also find resources to help you make the most of the Timesys Development Environment and use Timesys tools as well as information to help you manage your LinuxLink Account.

Navigating the LinuxLink Website

The LinuxLink website ( is your portal into all Timesys resources. The following are some important areas of the LinuxLink Web site that will be valuable during your development:


The support portal enables you to open, track the status of, reply to, and close your tickets. The following outlines the support you will receive, based on your support contract:

  • Viglies subscriberIssues related to Security Vulnerability and Patch Notification, meta-timesys layer, and Factory Repository containing security patches.
  • Timesys Support subscriberIssues related to developing your product BSP and SDK using the Timesys Factory Build System and/or Yocto framework.
  • Professional Services customerIssues related to accessing your private git repos.
  • BSP Maintenance subscriberIssues related using BSP maintained by Timesys, meta-timesys-security layer and Private Git Repo Access.
  • TimeStorm subscriberapplication development issues using TimeStorm.
  • Board Farm Cloud (BFC) subscriberissues related to using On-premises BFC .
  • Test Automation Service (TAS) subscriberissues related to using TAS.
  • Web Factory Free subscriberbuild issues only using the Web Factory.


Timesys has authored and assembled a plethora of “how to” documentation for the various tasks associated with building an embedded Linux product and keeping your product Secure, as well as Getting Started guides for supported boards. The link to our documentation index can be found in the top navigation bar. This location contains links to the most relevant and popular documents. Additionally, you can always use the search bar located at the top of the page to find other documents.


In addition to Docs, Timesys provides additional resources to help you with your development. Here you’ll links to our blog, webinars, and the Web Build Tour.

Git Repos

This is where you access Timeys Git Repos, including:

  1. My Repos — Links to, where private git repositories can be located for collaboration with Timesys. This applies to projects done with Professional Services, BSP Maintenance, and Platinum Support customers.See HowTo use My Repos
  2. Meta-timesys Layer — Links to the Yocto layer that enables Vigiles for any Yocto BSP. See the README for details.
  3. Vigiles-buildroot — Links to the vigiles-buildroot interface that enables Vigiles for any Buildroot BSP. See the README for details.
  4. Factory Git — Where you can view the Factory git history online and download snapshots of any version.


  • The Timesys On-Premises BFC enables all members of a project team to remotely access shared hardware resources, no matter where the team members are located globally. Here you can download the latest version of BFC along with the user manual and release notes.
  • TAS

  • TAS enables you to automate testing and embed continuous testing into your software development cycle. Here you can download the latest version of TAS along with the user manual and release notes.
  • TimeStorm

  • TimeStorm IDE — Here you can download the latest version of TimeStorm along with the user manual and release notes.
  • Factory

    From the Factory in the top navigation, you can navigate to:

    1. Boards — Where you access your Boards Dashboard and can find the boards supported in Factory. Clicking on a board takes you to the individual board dashboard where you can find demos and starting points.
    2. Web Builds — This is where you access your Web Builds Dashboard, where you will manage your Factory builds and installers. Your Web Factory dashboard is where you create new configurations or fork existing ones to further modify them. When they are no longer needed you can archive them, with the option of unarchiving or forking them later if you change your mind.
    3. Factory Packages — This is where you can find the packages that are supported in Factory, including versions and license information.
    4. Factory Git — This is where you can access the Timesys Git Tree.
    5. Factory Download — Here you can get the latest version of the Desktop Factory and access the Factory ChangeLog and other Factory documentation.
    6. Intro to Timesys Factory BSP and SDK Development Environment here is link to content that will introduce you to embedded Linux development and Timesys Factory build system as well as inherent concepts and terminology important for getting the most out of and making the best use of the Timesys Factory Development Environment. In addition, you’ll find links to documentation that will help you get started with configuring a custom image and booting your board.

    Vigiles Security

    To start using Vigiles, check out the User Guide where you'll find a "Quick Start" section to help you try Vigiles using the pre-loaded "sample" manifest as well as instructions for uploading your own product manifest/SBOM. Then visit the Vigiles Dashboard to get started.

    User Account

  • Your User Account — This area is where you can: view your profile information and request a password reset link; access your account preferences to generate an API key and opt in/out of weekly email notifications; and access private files available for download.
  • Managing Your LinuxLink Account

    These links will help you change your email address and password as well manage your account.

    How to Change Your Email Address and Password

    If you want to change your email address and/or LinuxLink password:

    • Click on your user name (located in the upper right corner of any LinuxLink page).
    • Click on Profile.
    • Click on the first button which reads Edit <your user name>.
    • To change your email address, in the “Email” field, type in your new email address.
    • To change your password, in the “New Password” field, type in your new password, and then confirm it by typing it again in the “New Password (again)” field, below.
    • Click on the Save button.

    How to Manage Your LinuxLink User Account

    To edit your user information, including changing your email address, managing your package and kernel update notification preferences, and/or creating TimeStorm license, view Manage Your LinuxLink User Account.

    How to Set Up Your Account and Manage Account Members (available to account managers only)

    To set up your account and manage account members, view Account and Member Administration.