Getting Started with Timesys LinuxLink

Welcome to LinuxLink! On this page, you’ll find links and resources to help get you started and on your way to building your custom Board Support Package (BSP) and matching Software Development Kit (SDK) with the LinuxLink Factory build system Web UI as well as resources for using the LinuxLink Factory build system Desktop UI and TimeStorm.

Managing Your LinuxLink Account

These links will help you manage your LinuxLink account.

LinuxLink Factory Build System

LinuxLink Factory includes a powerful and innovative build system, both a Web and Desktop UI and a complete source code repository. You can use the LinuxLink Factory build system Desktop UI to build a reference BSP / SDK or a complete embedded distribution.

* Desktop Factory requires a support contract.

TimeStorm IDE for Application Development

TimeStorm is our Eclipse-based IDE for application development, testing, and debugging. The latest version is bundled with Qt plugins and is available for both 32- and 64-bit OS.