SDK Installer

Named [board] by default, this SDK Installer is a self-extracting installer that allows for the transfer and easy setup of the embedded system development environment. It contains the Cross-Toolchain, Kernel source code, Factory Workorder, and everything necessary to boot your embedded system following our board-specific Getting Started Guides.

Generating SDK Installer

The SDK Installer is generated at as the last step of the BSP/SDK build process. It is re-generated each time "make" is run from the top-level Factory directory, however, it can be regenerated at any time with "make installer". Components from the build process are retrieved and combined in a temporary "installer/" directory which is remove after the SDK Installer is created.

SDK Installer creation

Using SDK Installer

The SDK Installer is run from the host machine and once given a location (default is /home/[username]/timesys/), the components of the SDK Installer are automatically extracted and installed here, within a directory named [board]/. For example, an SDK Installer retrieved from a Factory build for a Nitrogen6x board would be installed to /home/[username]/timesys/nitrogen6x/ by default. Included in this directory, you would find:

  • BSP Elements
    • Bootloader binary files (within the bootloader/ directory)
    • Binary kernel image
    • Device tree binary (if applicable)
    • Target RFS archive (within the rfs/ directory)
  • Cross-toolchain (contained within the toolchain/ directory)
  • Kernel source code (contained in the kernel-source/ directory)
  • Factory Workorder

The SDK Installer also provides information regarding use of the installed cross-toolchain, explaining the steps to export the appropriate directories to the host system's PATH environment variable. Also noted is the need to extract the target RFS with elevated privileges and possible need for 32-bit libraries.