Timesys Getting Started Guides - SD/TFTP/NFS Boot

The following documents are designed to help you to get started with Timesys LinuxLink on your reference board. They focus on setting up required services on your host machine, as well as loading and booting a kernel on your target board using an SD card, or TFTP, DHCP and NFS.

ARM Platforms

Allwinner Processors

Atmel Processors

Broadcom Processors

Intel Processors

Lantronix Processors

Marvell Processors

NVIDIA Processors

NXP Processors

Renesas Processors

Samsung Processors

Socionext Processors

STM32MP1 Processors

Texas Instruments Processors

Octavo Systems

Xilinx Processors

AVR32 Platforms

Atmel Processors

Coldfire Platforms

Freescale Processors

MIPS Platforms


MIPS Technologies

RMI Alchemy Processors


PMC-Sierra Processors

NIOS2 Platforms


PowerPC Platforms

AMCC Processors

NXP Processors

Xilinx Processors

SH Platforms

SPARC Platforms

X86 Platforms

AMD Processors

Intel Processors

Xtensa Platforms