About TimeStorm 3.2.x and 3.3 Tools

TimeSys’ TimeStorm Tools make it easy for you to customize the Linux kernel, filesystem, and applications you are deploying on your embedded system. The TimeStorm Integrated Development Environment (IDE) is a graphical workbench that can help you to develop, debug, and deploy embedded applications. TimeStorm is particularly powerful when coupled with the included Linux Verification Suite (LVS), Target Configurator, and Linux Profiling Suite (LPS) plug-ins.

The latest release of the TimeStorm Eclipse-based Tools is available in the LinuxLink Repository for download. All LinuxLink Pro subscribers are eligible for a node-locked license for the TimeStorm Tools, in addition to LinuxLink Builder access. TimeSys’ development tools run locally on either a Linux or Windows host system. TimeStorm IDE, by itself, can also run locally on a Solaris host; the plug-ins are not available on Solaris.

If you do not have a license key, please request one from your team manager. Refer to Generating a License for TimeStorm Tools for more information about license keys.

Installing TimeSys TimeStorm Development Tools: A Quick Start Guide describes how to install TimeStorm, its plug-ins, a license key, and TestWare. TestWare consists of both standard and TimeSys-created Linux test suites that can be used from the command line or imported into TimeStorm LVS for automated testing. To learn even more about these powerful products, check out the entire library of TimeStorm Eclipse-Based Tools documentation.