Factory Showpackages

This showpackages make target provides what is essentially an overview of a particular workorder. This includes target system information, toolchain information, host tools information, target RFS information, bootloader information, and package selection information. This is presented in a human-readable format and can be used as a basis to help re-create a workorder.


target system information

The System section provides board-specific information of the target system. Displayed here is the board name, board architecture, kernel architecture, kernel version, and package output type.

This information is taken from the workorder and driven by the Board selection in menuconfig, as well as the Output Package Format selection under Target Configuration in menuconfig. Additionally, the kernel information is driven by settings under Target Software > Kernel.


target system toolchain informtaion

The Toolchain section provides information pertaining to the toolchain of the target system. Version numbers for binutils, gcc, and gdb (provided it is selected) can be found here, as well as the C Library selection and version (in this case - glibc v2.18). Additionally, it is noted here if the toolchain is to be built for use on the target and installed to the target system's RFS as seen above.

These options are driven from the selections and values found under Toolchain Configuration.

Host Tools

host tools information

The Host Tools section provides a summary of the host tools that have been selected to be compiled and installed for use during the building of the BSP/SDK. These host tools options can be found under Toolchain Configuration.


target system rfs information

The RFS portion of the showpackages output consists of two sections - RFS Optimization Options and RFS Output Formats. RFS Optimization Options reports which space-saving optimizations have been enabled (i.e. what operations have been completed to save space in the RFS), such as removing man pages, stripping libraries, removing info pages, etc. The RFS Output Formats section displays in what format the target system's RFS will be available in after building the BSP/SDK. In this case, only binary tarball output has been selected, but various other formats can also be selected. These RFS options can be found under Target Configuration > Build RFS.


target system bootloader information

The Bootloader section provides summary of what bootloader solution is selected along with version information for the selection. This information is driven by the selections under Target Software > Bootloader.


target system package selection information

The Packages section provides information about the packages selected to be built and installed to the target system. This includes the package name, package version, license information, and the category where it can be found in menuconfig > Target Software > Software Packages.