Factory Checksystem

Running make checksystem from the top-level Factory directory provides you with a list of necessary, but unmet, requirements for Factory to operate as intended.

Sample Output

Checksystem Pass

Checksystem pass - all necessary host tools installed

In this case, make checksystem returns successfully, indicating that no additional host tools are necessary to continue working with factory.

Checksystem Failure

Missing items - bison, texinfo

In the case that make checksystem does not return successfully, additional information as to what caused the failure will be provided. Typically this is due to one of two issues:

  1. Missing host tools
    • Missing tools are listed as either REQUIRED or OPTIONAL
    • OPTIONAL tools will not cause the checksystem fail
    • Description of each missing tool
    • Tool name listed in parenthesis is typically what you need to install to satisfy the particular check
  2. Insufficient free space warning
    • Minimum of 10Gb free is recommended when building BSP/SDK with Factory
    • This will not cause the checksystem to fail, rather the build will fail if the system runs out of storage space