Factory Output


./src/dl contains directories for each package (unit) in Factory. The main source archive along with configuration files, patches, etc. can be found within each package's subdirectory.

Build Output

After configuring and building your platform, all output is generated within the build directory.

The build directory is created within the top-level directory with the following naming convention:


All of the following can be found within the build directory:

  • Toolchain Packages:
    • toolchain-initial-{arch}-{vendor}-linux-{libc-abi}.tgz
      This is a bare toolchain.
    • toolchain-final-{arch}-{vendor}-linux-{libc-abi}.tgz
      This is the bare toolchain plus all of the package libraries selected by the user.
  • Kernel Images:
    • ./images/{kernel_image_type}-{kernel_version}-ts-{arch}
  • Bootloaders:
    • ./images/
  • RFS Images:
    • ./images/rfs/rootfs.{image_type}
  • SDK Installers:
    • ./{board_name}-development-environment.sh
      Self extracting shell script that installs the kernel source, RFS, and toolchain on the host.
  • RFS working directory:
    • ./rfs/
      This can be modified by hand and then the RFS images can be recreated with the 'rfs-images' target.
      NOTE: this directory cannot be directly NFS exported as it does not have valid device files (/dev).
      The device files are populated during the RFS image creation process.
  • Toolchain working directory:
    • ./toolchain
  • Software Packages:
    • ./packages
      Binary packages in RPM, DEB, IPKG, or TGZ.


For a quick summary of the build output, run:

make showoutput