How To Differentiate between LinuxLink Classic (TSRPM Distributions) and Factory Platforms

Distributions available in the LinuxLink Repository are based on the TSRPM build system, and are not compatible with Factory platforms.

There are a number of reasons for this, including:

  • Toolchains are built differently and use different versions of the component parts.
  • The packages are typically different versions.
  • The packages may be built using different flags, and may be installed in different parts of the filesystem.

Using TSRPM packages in a Factory environment would be similar to using Fedora RPMs on an Ubuntu system. They may work in some cases, but it has not been officially tested, and the differences in the toolchain and package versions may cause subtle problems.

Timesys highly recommends that you do NOT mix TSRPM distributions and Factory platforms.

There are a number of ways to tell if you have installed a TSRPM distribution or a Factory platform. Typically, TSRPM distributions are downloaded from the LinuxLink Repository, while Factory platforms are available directly through the Factory interface on LinuxLink, or are built locally on your host system. If you are in doubt, please read the remainder of this document for additional differences between the two.

Filenames and Paths

The easiest way to differentiate between TSRPM distributions and Factory platforms is by looking at the naming conventions used in the development environment. The following table lists the locations of some important components in both TSRPM distributions and Factory platforms.

Path/Filename TSRPM Factory
Installer name timesys-<arch>-<board name>-<kernel type>--<RFS type>-<build number>-install.tgz <board name>
Default Install Path /opt/timesys/ ~/timesys/<board name>
Default Toolchain Path <install path>/toolchains/ <install path>/toolchain
Default RFS Path <install path>/linux/<distribution version>/<arch>-<RFS type>/rfs/ <install path>/rfs/
Default Kernel binary path <rfs path>/boot/<image type>-kernel-<kernel version>-ts.<board name>.<build number> <install path>/<kernel name>
GCC Binary Path <toolchain path>/<arch>-linux/bin/<arch>-linux-gcc <toolchain path>/bin/<arch>-timesys-linux-<libc>-gcc

Target Userspace

TSRPM distributions will typically have a welcome message near the beginning of userspace initialization. Check your boot output for a line like the following:

                Welcome to Distribution built using LinuxLink by TimeSys (7.0)