How To Build AT91 Bootstrap Loader

AT91 Bootstrap Loader is extremely easy to build. It only takes a cross-toolchain and a source tree to build a statically-linked binary. The following document provides the instructions needed to build AT91 Bootstrap Loader for a generic board.


  • AT91 Bootstrap Loader sources — available in the Timesys Repository, through the Factory, or from Atmel
  • Cross Toolchain — available from Timesys through the Factory or Timesys Repository


  1. Download the sources and decompress the archive into a working directory.
  2. Enter the directory for the board and configuration that you want.
    cd at91bootstrap-<version>/board/<board name>/<flash type>/
  3. AT91 Bootstrap uses a basic make command, with CROSS_COMPILE variable. Assuming that the toolchain is in your path,
    make CROSS_COMPILE=armv5l-timesys-linux-gnueabi-

    will compile the AT91 Bootstrap Loader. The resulting file, <flash type>_<board name>.bin, will be in the current working directory.



$ tar xjf at91bootstrap-1.11.tar.bz2 
$ cd at91bootstrap-1.11/board/at91sam9260ek/dataflash/
$ make CROSS_COMPILE=armv5l-timesys-linux-gnueabi-

NAND Flash

$ tar xjf at91bootstrap-1.11.tar.bz2 
$ cd at91bootstrap-1.11/board/at91sam9260ek/nandflash/
$ make CROSS_COMPILE=armv5l-timesys-linux-gnueabi-