How to add Compiler/Linker flags to multiple projects

In TimeStorm, you can add Compile/Linker flags to the project in the standard way by opening the C/C++ perspective (Window → Perspective → Open Perspective → Other → C/C++), then right click on your Project, select Properties, then Expand C/C++ Build --> Settings. In the Tool Settings tab you can add compiler/linkers for a single project as shown below.

Adding the same compiler/linker flags to many projects can be time consuming.Thankfully, in TimeStorm you can add compiler/linker flags to many projects with just a few clicks.

Add Compiler/Linker flags for multiple projects:

Select multiple projects by holding ctrl then right click on the selected projects and use TimeStorm Add Compiler/Linker Flags option to open the Set Compiler/Linker Flags wizard as shown below.

The Set Compiler/Linker Flags wizard shows GCC_C_Compiler_Flags, GCC_CPP_Compiler_Flags, GCC_C_Linker_Flags, GCC_CPP_Linker_Flags text boxes as shown below.

Add any number of space-separated Compiler/Linker flags in the text boxes and click on the OK button as shown below.

After clicking the OK button compiler/linker flags will be appended to the selected projects as shown below.