How to Use SysLink on the DM8148

The following guide describes the method for building TI SysLink for the DM8148 Processor.


Release 2.6.37-ts2 (Based on PSP

  • Desktop Factory configured for the dm8148_evm
  • The following components from Texas Instruments:
    CGTools 7.3.4 (my.TI Account Required)

NOTE: If you have already installed EZSDK from TI, you should already have the proper versions of the TI Tools.

See for more info


  1. Select the syslink package in Factory:
    $ make syslink-select
  2. If you chose a different location than the default for the TI components, then you should change them in your Factory configuration:
    $ make menuconfig
    • Navigate to Target Software->Software Packages->Multimedia->General Purpose->syslink
    • Modify the following variables (the EZSDK locations are given as examples here):
      • TI Code Generation Tools Installation Directory (ti-ezsdk_dm814x-evm_5_05_02_00/dsp-devkit/cgt6x_7_3_4)
      • TI BIOS Installation Directory (ti-ezsdk_dm814x-evm_5_05_02_00/component-sources/bios_6_33_05_46)
      • TI IPC Installation Directory (ti-ezsdk_dm814x-evm_5_05_02_00/component-sources/ipc_1_24_03_32)
      • TI XDC Tools Installation Directory (ti-ezsdk_dm814x-evm_5_05_02_00/component-sources/xdctools_3_23_03_53)
  3. Run your Factory build.
    $ make

Running the sample applications

By default, we build and install the syslink sample applications. These can be used to verify your build of syslink.

  1. Boot your RFS containing syslink on the target board. See the Timesys Getting Started Guide for system.
  2. Install the syslink module:
    # insmod /lib/modules/2.6.37-ts-armv7l/kernel/drivers/dsp/syslink.ko
  3. Go to the sample directory:
    # cd /opt/ti/syslink
  4. To run all of the samples, simply run the script:
    # ./
  5. To run a single application, navigate to the debug or release directory of the application, then run the script:
    # cd ex01_helloworld/release/
    # ./

Building your own applications