Creating a License for TimeStorm

To create a license for TimeStorm Tools, you either must have a seat assigned to you, or be a Team Manager. A Team Manager can assign a seat to a team member in the Team Seat Assignments area of the team page. After the seat is assigned, either the user or the Team Manager can create TimeStorm licenses.

If the computer on which you will be working does not have an Internet connection, use a separate computer to generate the license file, and then transfer that file to the computer on which you want to use TimeStorm.

You can create a new license for TimeStorm three times within the life of the subscription. If you need to create additional licenses beyond this limit, contact Timesys. These requests are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Creating the License

To create a license:

  1. Note the MAC address of the machine on which you will be using TimeStorm. For TimeStorm 3.x, make sure you use the MAC address of eth0. For TimeStorm 4,x, you can use the MAC address of any NIC. But if you are running TimeStorm in a Virtual Box, make sure you use the MAC address of the NIC inside the virtual box.
  2. Log in to LinuxLink and access the team management features for your team by clicking on the team name:

  3. Click the Edit Licenses button in the Active Licenses area, and then click Create next to the user for whom you want to create the license.
  4. Enter the MAC address and a descriptive name for the license. It can be helpful to include the type of operating system and computer that will use the license. The license expiration date and the user’s e-mail address are entered automatically. Note that the MAC address must have colon as the separator.
  5. Click Next to generate the license. You are given the option of editing the CC field and the text of the message that will be used to send the license file.
  6. Click Send. The e-mail with the attached license is sent, and the contents of the license file are displayed.
  7. Copy the license on the computer you will be using for TimeStorm. The license file is saved and can be retrieved at any time.

Applying the License

To use the license, you can do one of the following:

  • Cut and paste the license text on the screen into a file.
  • Save the e-mailed license attachment on the target system.
  • Click the Download link and save the license file.

TimeStorm will look in one of three locations for the license on the host. These locations are described in the Getting Started with TimeStorm and in the TimeStorm help, along with additional information about licenses.