HOWTO add a TimeStorm Project into Factory

After you have developed an application in TimeStorm, you can integrate this project into Desktop Factory by following the below steps.

Build the project in TimeStorm, right click on the project and click Export > C/C++ > Desktop Factory Integration, and click Next. This will open a Desktop Factory integration dialog as shown below:

Select the directory to copy the exported project tar file and click Finish.

You can share the exported tar file with your build engineer / platform developer to integrate into Desktop Factory. They will need to run ./bin/install_timestorm_project <project.tar.gz> to integrate the project to Desktop Factory.

For qt projects, they will need to append 'qt' to the above command. For more details, refer to the Desktop Factory documentation.

The project will now be selectable in Factory menuconfig, and will be built by the Factory toolchain upon your next Desktop Factory build.