Cross-compiling expect

Today I finished cross-compiling the expect package, and I'm pleased that it wasn't as difficult as I was expecting (hah, no pun intended!). The has a lot of

AC_MSG_ERROR([Expect can't be cross compiled])

but it's easy enough to figure out the example by hand and then hard-code the answer. Also the macro AC_FUNC_SETPGRP isn't cross-compile friendly, even though it is supposed to honor the environment variable ac_cv_func_setpgrp_void. It doesn't. However, replacing it (in with

cat >>confdefs.h <<\_ACEOF
#define SETPGRP_VOID 1

did the trick and we are in business! Woohoo!

Cross-compiling expect

sorry for reviving this post after two years, but I'd really like some hints...

I'm trying to cross-compile expect for a couple of platforms:
- beagleboard
- iphone

The problem, as you said, is on the AC_MSG_ERROR macros: could you give me an example on the substitution you made?

Thanks for your help.

Cross-compiling expect

Any solution for this issues.
me also facing same porblem and same error.